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Weekend Energy

May 15-17 2020

Get ready because the energy for this weekend is the 7 Of Swords, The Star, and The Fool energy. Lets break it down!

7 Of Swords

The trickster! The energy this weekend is asking you to be witty. Look underneath the surface of situations and see where you can get the upper-hand. Use shortcuts or the ‘backdoor’ to get what you want. Rather than doing things the regular way, you may need to find creative ways to resolve your problem quickly so you can move towards your goals.

The Star

Shine bright! Now is your time to shine. Unleash all of you into the world and watch everything open up for you. You are entering a peaceful, loving phase in your life, filled with calm energy, mental stability and more in-depth understanding of both yourself and others around you. This is a time of significant personal growth and development as you are now ready to receive the many blessings of the Universe. Dream, to aspire, to elevate in any way possible so you can reach the stars.

The Fool

Go! Take chances. It might seem foolish to blindly take a leap of faith but the Universe is asking you to trust. Channel the Fool energy and go on this journey. The time is NOW! Take that leap of faith, even if you do not feel 100% ready or equipped for what is coming (who knows what it could be?!). Seriously, what are you waiting for? Do you think you need to have everything mapped out before you can begin? No way! Not with the Fool. He ventures out on his journey with just his essential belongings – and now he invites you to do the same. You don’t need to wait for someone to give you the green light or hold off until you have all the skills, tools and resources you think you might need. You are ready! If you’ve been watching for a sign, this is it!

-Good Luck

[Source: Biddy Tarot]