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The Mystic Shop

White Sage Bundles

3 White Sage Bundles

White Sage is great for cleansing your space, for spiritual rituals, and raising your vibration.

*comes with 3 sage bundles

Sage Bundles

Chakra Balancing Candle


(with chakra healing stones inside!)

(candle is using standard soy wax)

Chakra Balancing candle is great for grounding. Cleanse your aura, de-stress, tune into intuition, and improve mental wellness, plus each stone helps to heal the chakras.

*orange citrus scented

Chakra Balancing Candle w/ Stones

Starter Kit: Manifestation Box Set

Something NEW Every Month!

Great News!

The Mystic Shop is making it OUR mission to help YOU in the manifestation process. We've created monthly boxes that help you stay grounded, raises your vibration, and offer insight on manifestation techniques.


Use your Manifestation Boxes for Manifestations, New & Full Moon rituals, and Purification!

Manifestation Starter Kit

 September 2021 Box Set !

  • Personalized Manifestation Starter Kit includes:
  • chakra balancing stones
  • 3 day candle set
  • sage bundle
  • incense
  • manifestation journal & pen
  • moon phase calendar for 2021
  • Manifestation Guide Manual (tips & tricks for EASY manifestations)

 *items may differ from picture 

Manifestation Box Set