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The Complete List of "Kid Friendly"


When it comes to movies, some are a HIT and some are a MISS. Key features I look for in a movie are: bright colors, movement, how long scenes dwell on a subject (attention span), music, and overall excitement. 

Another thing I do is sit and watch it or work and watch it with them so I can see how my kids respond to the movies. That helps me choose the next one.

Here are the TOP movie picks that I'm sure every kid will love:

1. Boss Baby (on repeat everyday)

2. Monsters Inc.

3. Toy Story 1-3

4. Up

5. Incredibles 1 (she's not a fan of 2)

6. Meet The Robinsons

7. Princess & The Frog

8. Secret Life Of Pets

9. Secret Life Of Pets 2

10. Little Baby Bum or LBB Junior (They have an app!)

11. Despicable Me

12. Monster's University

13. Inside Out

14. Trolls

15. Paw Patrol

16. Cars 1 & 2

If all fails go on Disney + App, they have a TON of movies.

Now go chill out and put on a movie for the kids.