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The Best Diapers for Baby and Toddler

Hey Moms,

So I decided to take a risk and try out other diaper brands for a month. I bought Huggies Little Movers, Luvs, Dollar Tree Brand, and Parent's Choice. I've tried Pampers before so there wasn't a need to do it again. I must say my children (27 months and 9 months) are troopers because there were several poop leaks and pee pee disasters. I tested each of these diapers for a week.

The first one I tested was the Dollar Tree Brand. Diapers come 4 in a pack for $1. They fit pretty stiff and run small. My kids wear a size 6 and the ones from Dollar Tree fit like a 5. There was no flexibility. They also explode after overnight use. I literally had to wake up every 2 hours to make sure the kids weren't wet. The first time I slept through the night and when I went to change my 9 month old, the diaper fell apart. The jelly inside material was all over my son and the bed. My 2 year old (27 months) just ripped hers off because the texture was unbearable. Those diapers CANNOT handle poop what so ever, it leaks out of the side leg area. GROSS! They also gave both of my children diaper rash! Obviously I wouldn't ever recommend them. Not even if you're broke. They are a waste of money.

The second week I tried the Parent's Choice brand from Walmart. They come 23 in a pack for about $5. They are made pretty well. They feel like some sort of fabric-y material...and acts the same way too. The fit is true to size with plenty of strap room. When I say straps I mean the straps that you Velcro to the diaper to close it. I don't like the part that any type of moisture causes it to sag. They get super soggy and become wet on the outside with overnight use. They also shed that inner jelly material too. Not as bad as the Dollar Tree brand, but it's still annoying to clean up. In fact that happened to me twice and wipes don't work to get those jellys off, you'll definitely need a bath. Because the diapers sag, poop leaks out of the leg area. My 2 year old hated them and would rip them off. They also caused diaper rash on my kid's inner thighs because as soon as they get wet it sags to the thigh area and the wet pee rubs. I wouldn't recommend these, yes their cheap, but you end up using so many diapers to avoid a mess that the expense of it adds up.

By the third week I decided to stop testing cheap diapers and opted for Huggies Little Movers. Cute Mickey Mouse design. Aside from that, I was thoroughly disappointed. They are just like Parent's Choice diapers except double the price. I expected them to endure overnight pee but NO. I woke up several times to a mess. Very mediocre diaper. The fit was nice but the straps were a bit smaller and began digging into my toddler's legs. Wouldn't recommend.

At this point I'm thoroughly annoyed and mostly with myself because my children's diaper rash got really bad all because I decided to use shitty diapers. So I bought my go to ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE DIAPER LUVS. Those diapers fit well. They are roomy for movement. Lightweight. You can feel the material is water proof. The straps are thick and long for the best hold. You can sleep overnight and not worry about any leaking. In fact I went on a road trip for 2 days and one stretch it was almost 12 hours before I could change my kids and not a single leak. When the diapers get full they swell to absorb the pee but no sagging. My 2 year old never rips them off. And the kid's diaper rash cleared up completely in 2 days. Luvs are $29 for a month supply(per child). I recommend these because of the price, comfy fit, lightweight material, and last overnight without any leaking.

When it comes to spending the least and getting the best quality I'd definitely go with Luvs. Like I said it's my favorite brand.