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Vistaprint: God's Gift to Websites

Hey Moms,

Remember my previous posts about how if you're a stay at home mom you should start your own business. If not, do a quick scroll and check out my business series called Biz Wiz. 

Anyways, I've been running my own business for over a year now and have got to put you all on game about Vistaprint. First off, they have a design team that will customize your website for you at AFFORDABLE prices. If you're a creator like me, then you have the option to customize your own website using their templates. You can add your own pictures or use their database of pictures. You can change the color theme. You can even create an online store!!! 

Aside from the customization options the offer a team that helps with ANYTHING! The customer service is A+. I've called a couple times for help with design issues and they've always exceeded my expectations. 

Aside from the awesome website features, you can also create merch, business cards, and use their marketing tools.

So, if you're in the beginning stages of building your business, you better use Vistaprint! It saves you TIME and MONEY.