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When the Kiddies Catch Colds

Tip: You can purchase Hyland's brands from any major store such as Target or Walmart!

OMG! When the kids get sick it's a challenge. Not to mention how sad our little people look fighting the sniffles. 

For the past few days my family has been battling a cold. Luckily I didn't get sick. Unluckily, I was left to take care of 3 sick people. 

My daughter is 2 years old (24 months old) and my son is 6 months old. We used Hylands Baby Mucus + Cold Relief...I even used it for my husband too! It's safe to say that everyone in my family is recovering quickly.

Be sure to check with you pediatrician before using any medicine! I really love this medicine because every Hyland’s product follows the guidelines of homeopathic medicine and is free of artificial dyes and added sugar.