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Quick Tidy Kitchen

Hey there,

I don't know about YOU but cleaning is my least favorite room to clean after the bathroom. The piling dishes, the crummy counters, greasy stove, icky can get gross in there. It's also one of those rooms that of you put it off too long, the mess just keeps getting bigger. 

So to prevent any further attacks from a messy kitchen I created a list for products that help clean the fastest and improves maintenance.

  • High Quality Mop, Broom + Dustpan

You need to sweep your floors and those hard to reach areas. A cheap broom makes sweeping take linfer because the crumbs either get caught in the broom or keep falling all over the place. With a good broom and dustpan you can keep your floors clean QUICKLY with no leftover crumbs. Ever try mopping and you realize a weird smell after? It's because it's dirty. A high quality mop comes with an EASY method for keeping it clean, whether they come with replacement pads or are washable. A high quality mop doesn't smear debree all over the floor. It actually cleans the area quickly. So invest in these for an easier cleaning session.

  • Microfiber Towels

These towels blends the toughness of an abrasive sponge with the handiness of a towel. They easily get those sticky juice spills and hardened food crumbs. I also find that they leave your oven and stove with a polished finished when cleaning (No Streaks!).

  • Spray Bottle 

A spray bottle full of your favorite cleanser saves you time. I personally like mine full of diluted Clorox. Simply spray an area that needs cleaning and wipe with your microfiber towel. Because it's so simple, I find it easy to maintain clean counters, dining room tables and chairs, plus the stove. It also takes the "back breaking" work out of mopping. After sweeping, I just spritz my cleanser over sections of the floor and mop it up. It's a quick and easy way to mop!  

  • Powerful Degreasing Soap

When you have a shitty dish soap everything takes longer to clean. I HATE it! My personal favorite is Dawn because no matter how stuck food and grease is to the dish, Dawn gets it off. The soapy suds last longer on my microfiber towel or sponge and I'm not constantly adding more and more. A little goes a long way with Dawn. Let's face it, some of I like to let our dishes soak because we mentally aren't ready to wash them. Soaking them in Dawn gets the job 50% done so that when you DO wash them it's effortless.

  • Automatic Airfreshener 

Trust me, it works miracles. I know some people like to light candles. I do too, but, an automatic airfreshener KEEPS your kitchen smelling good around the clock. Just set it to spray every 20 minutes and BOOM even if you have unexpected guests at least the kitchen  ALREADY smells fresh.

  • Cleaning Gloves 

You'll clean faster and more thorough when you aren't grossed out over what your hands are touching. Plus you protect your hands from drying out due to the products. I don't know if it's mental or what but knowing my hands are protected makes cleaning a more pleasant experience. 

Those are my fool proof tips for keeping a tidy kitchen and doing it quickly. Remember to clean as you go to prevent a HUGE mess but if you do end up with a huge mess, these tips will help. 

Click above picture to watch video for more tips!