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Sitcoms, Shorts, Music Videos, Documentaries.....the whole 9!


As Good As It Gets

A real estate agent has a major wake up call when she finds out she isn't as good at her job as she thought.

Comedy Sketch

Produced by Ash Tonee


How far is too far?

Thriller 1Minute

Produced by Ash Tonee

Car Show Documentary - A Family Event!

Odessa, Texas 

Edited and Produced by Ash Tonee

123 Remix - Music Video

Music Video Produced by Ash Tonee

I Need A Hug

A day in marriage therapy goes awkward after a shocking confession.

Comedy Sketch

Edited by Ash Tonee


Typical annoyances that will get any student irritated.

What gets irritated you?


Comedy Sketch 

Produced by Ash Tonee 

Campus Stalker

Go to college they said. It'll be fun they said. 


Produced by Ash Tonee 

She Ghetto Music Video

My cousin put me on to this song and at the time it came out there was no music video so I took it upon myself to create one. 


Visuals by Ash Tonee 

Music by Kendre

Markelson Syndrome

A date goes wrong when a clingy roommate uses his Markelson syndrome to his advantage.

Comedy Sitcom

Edited by Ash Tonee 

Projects In Production

Follow, Ash Tonee!

"Success? And love?! They say you can't have it all!"

Reality Series

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Projects In Development


"She used to think she was invisible, now she knows she's invincible."


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The Love Of Mine

  • "A Father Daughter Love Story"


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  • "Life That's Plastic, It's Fantastic!"

Drama-TV Series

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Blood Money

  • "It's just routine plastic surgery, right? So why are the patients coming back different?"

SciFi/Suspense-Limited Series

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No Name

  • "A story about hope and redemption."

Period/Drama-Limited Series

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