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New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon in Gemini happens May 22, 2020 about 12:38 pm (central). New Moons are all about fresh starts and new beginnings. They start off small, maybe even subliminally. With Gemini being ruled by Mercury, we're beginning to communicate and think about our lives in new ways. We feel more confident to put ourselves out there and have accepted where our life is. Since April 2019 we've been taking all the necessary steps to clear out the old "stuff" that no longer serves us. Now it's time to get comfortable with this new life we've created!

Princess Of Swords Energy...

This New Moon is bringing Princess Of Swords energy. That means that this New Moon in Gemini is going to be about the fixing of new ideas. We are being asked to pursue freedom of thought and self-expression. Self-expression comes in many forms: communicating, passion projects, journaling, and meditation. 

Get inspired this New Moon to create NEW music, NEW artwork, NEW scripts, NEW ways of communication, pretty much anything creative! Wear your inventor hat! Always dare to think independently and set YOUR OWN rules for your life. Keep a positive mindset to manifest solutions for your problems. Practice gratitude! 

The universe is always working for you, so if you experience situations that are uncomfortable, change your perception to learn how to grow from them. Notice your thoughts; and, the difference between  thoughts that hold you up vs. thoughts that hold you down.

 Once you discover the difference you'll truly become a free thinker! 

[source: Biddy Tarot & Tarot Illuminati]

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