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2020 Mother's Day Ideas

Try these Mother's Day celebration ideas. Affordable and quarantine friendly!


  • Create the perfect atmosphere for the Mother in your life with decorations and music.
  • Cook a simple meal that's quick to clean up after (save time by ordering to-go).
  • Flowers, flowers, flowers
  • Write a heartfelt note on a card
  • Set-up a backdrop using fabric or wrapping paper and take Mother's Day pictures, send them to friends&family.

Go For A Drive!

  • Spend the day going for a drive, explore the area or just hit the freeway and go!
  • Create a special playlist dedicated to the Mother in your life and play it during the drive.
  • Stop for lunch and eat in the car.
  • Don't forget the flowers and card!

Dinner & A Movie

  • Set-up the dining table in front of the TV.
  • Stream a good movie.
  • Order to-Go from Mom's favorite restaurant (save money by cooking at home).
  • Decorate using candles and flowers.
  • Don't forget the heartfelt card!

Gift Exchange & Dessert

  • Stack gifts underneath a flower bouquet. 
  • Decorate the dessert table with a Mother's day theme.
  • Create a video with a special message from the family. Stream it on TV while she's opening gifts.