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The Starter Pack

The 2 Under 2 Debate

Hey moms! I'm Ash Tonee (if you're reading this, read it in a soft sultry sexy voice). I have the privilege of being a mom to 2 under 2. My son is 4 months old and my daughter is 1 year old (she'll be 2 years old in July). I personally love it! Let me tell you why: the obvious baby fever from the first led me to wanting another, the idea of them growing up together, and getting the baby stuff out of the way all in one swoop. Is it more work? Yes. But what isn't? College degree. Work. Promotion. Work. Anything you want requires work. Is it unbearable? No! With the proper scheduling and rest it's definitely possible. I meet a lot of moms that shy away from having back to back children because of the work and money. In my case having back to back children forced me to make better business moves. So, my advice would be to go for it if you want and if you're hesitant don't let it be because of money....or the extra work because those conditions can be changed.

Working Moms

Are you a working mom? Or are you a stay at home mom? Both are full time jobs so kudos, mom you're doing great! The rest of this blog is for the stay at home mom that wants to work. I'm all for being a mom and putting kids first. Buuuut…...sometimes a Bitch wants to explore, be free, and WORK! Working is where I find my center. My self worth is honestly defined through how much I'm working. Am I a workaholic? Possibly. Is that wrong? Hell No! So what can you do if you want to work but hubby (or significant other) insist on you staying home to raise the kids? What can you do if daycare is too expensive for both you and your husband? Start your own business! Now would be a great time to pursue that hobby full time as a business. It's definitely not easy taking care of the kids and working, but if you're like me (super ambitious) then you'll do just fine. It's a great distraction and a career that grows with your family. One piece of advice I'd give is to HAVE FUN! It may not take off super fast so patience is necessary. Also the kiddies may not allow much "productivity" so again, be patient. Be patient. Be patient. The good thing is when hubby is off work. Steal away to a coffee shop or something and blame it on work. After all you're both working parents...right?


Are you sleeping? When was the last time you ate? Feel like exercising? No. I can't remember. Exercise, tuh. Being a first time or anytime mom is OVERWHELMING. It's not a walk in the park and if you have more than 1, it may feel like it'll never end. If you're married or still with your significant other hopefully you get a break every now and then to recharge your batteries. If you don't get a break, it may be time for some good ole communication. Try not to go into "argumentative mode" but clearly relate when you'll be leaving for a break. I used to make the mistake of "begging" my husband to help....that doesn't work because for whatever reason men don't see raising children as a full time job. So to fix that I stopped asking. I tell him IN ADVANCE the day each week I'm going to take off. I say in advance so hubby has time to rearrange his schedule to accommodate you. What if you don't have ANYONE to help you? Or anyone you trust? Been there. Sign the kids up for an extracurricular activity and use that time to unwind. What if they are babies or toddlers? You're going to have to save your coins for a day sitter and drop them off. Do some research in advance and when you're  ready schedule a day every week to drop them off and go do you Boo Boo. There is always a way if you're determined and you should be, because if mom isn't ok, nobody is ok.