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Mommy Burnout: Is It Real?


End of article...haha...just kidding.

But, yes, mommy burnout is very real. Whether you're a working mom or a stay at home mom it is guaranteed that you'll become burnt out from being a MOTHER.

When I first experienced mommy burnout I had to do research because it seemed unreal. I mean, I stay at home all day and watch the stressful could that be? Sure, I run my business from home, too, but still....I'm. AT. HOME. I even felt guilty about it and thought I was just lazy. I piled on the to-do list and refused to vent to anyone about how overworked I was. How do you vent to your WORKING friends and family about how tiring it is to be a STAY AT HOME MOM? If you're a working mom, kudos to you because the stress is REAL!

Anyways, how do you know if you're experiencing a burnout?

1. Prolonged stress 

2. Feeling like there's so much to do, so little time.

3. Depression 

4. Can't keep up with your daily routine

5. Minimum effort taking care of the kids.

6. Guilt

7. Wishing you could just "Get Away"

8. Tired....always tired

9. Daydreaming (Staring into space)

10. Withdrawn from the family

11. Escaping from life via social media and television

12. Headaches 

13. Physically feeling weak

Those are just a few signs that you're experiencing a mommy burnout.

What do you do about it? (Especially if you're the primary caretaker.) First, you have to talk to someone about it. Your husband, the children's father, your parents, bestfriend....somebody! Don't sell yourself short, being a mom whether you work or not is a nonstop demanding job. Your mind and body NEEDS a break. So, don't let insecurity stop you from expressing how you're feeling. You know what they say, " the squeaky wheel gets the oil". Speak up! Next, plan a day for yourself. A kid free 12 hour day where you have no responsibilities. I say plan because that's gonna require you get someone TRUSTED to watch the kids for half the day. Plan it, Mark it on a calender, and hang in there until that day. Once your day off arrives engage in relaxing activities, I wouldn't recommend going clubbing because that's gonna leave you feeling hungover and drained. 

Aim to have a day like that minimum once a month.

Another thing I recommend is to recharge during your period. Society will have you believing that menstruation is a weakness but it isn't. It's a spiritual time where your body is meant to REST & RECOVER. During that time I recommend slacking off. Try focusing on binge watching on your favorite show in bed and taking care of the kids. That's it! Treat it like  you're a hospital patient in bed. I know that sounds super irresponsible but that's where having a schedule comes in handy.

Scheduling! A regular day should have a schedule. There needs to be some order so the kids know what to expect daily and your body will naturally get into a routine. On your schedule write your TOP 3 tasks you want to accomplish. Only 3, because if you do anymore you'll overwhelm yourself and may never get it done. Plan naptime, every kid needs a nap. Designate a time after lunch where everyone takes a nap. Try to snag a nap yourself during this time....or at least rest. No social media or TV at this time.

Ditch perfection! This is a major key because Youtube will have you believing that perfection as a mom or stay at home mom exists. In reality, homes get messy, children get messy, dinner is sometimes takeout, sometimes moms do nothing productive all day. It's no big deal. You have to run your household in a way that suits you! Otherwise you'll go nuts trying to keep up with "trends".

One last thing is ROMANCE! You need good hot and heavy sex along with date nights. This is easy if you're in a committed relationship. Hire someone trusted and go on a date. If you have nobody then put the kids to bed and have an at home date night where you cook dinner together and drink wine, beer, or spirits (whatever alcoholic beverage of choice) and get flirty....enjoy the night. If you're single and want to start dating, start scheduling date nights. If you're single and want to stay single, have a date night with yourself or some of your friends.

In conclusion, it's not easy being a mom whether you're working or staying at home. Give yourself rest and relaxation time regularly. Start your days of with meditation to get your mind right before a hectic day. Remember BALANCE! 

You're doing a great job mama!

Click above picture to watch video for more tips!