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Intuitive Energy Reading

May 2020

Happy Birthday Gemini!

It feels like May 2020 presents itself as the Hermit energy. It's a time for inward reflection. This new direction our life has taken is something we've never experienced before. Believe it or not, it is the necessary change we've ALL been asking for so that we can live our best life. It's up to you to decide what you make of it. For guidance in the right direction, copy the Hermit energy; draw inward and listen to your gut instincts. Channel the Hermit energy through daily meditation. Set the intention of being grounded while meditating and cleanse your root chakra during meditation to carry with you a sense of grounding energy all day.

The lesson we will be learning is The Judgement energy. We will be learning to step into this new self. The life we've been trying to manifest has been set in motion. On a bigger scale, the new life that the planet needs, is also being manifested. It's the saying, "as above, so below". Individually, we have been seeking a change in the way we live our lives. We want something that offers freedom and abundance. In fact, if you dig deeper into your roots you'd find that abundance and freedom is your birthright. In the month of May we are going to be freeing ourselves from what holds us back. It's our time to leave behind the past and create something new. The energy of Taurus season is grounding, making the new life we create for ourselves solid. Some might find it difficult to learn how to create a new life. The natural human tendency is to stick with what's comfortable; but, if we embrace change and build a new life the universe will help us along the way.

Advice for getting through the month is 8 of Pentacles energy. That's all about skill development. By focusing on improving the areas of life that are subpar (business, career, self-betterment, love, etc) we are guaranteed to be successful. Master your craft! The beginning stages may not be "glamorous" but hard work leads to better work. This phase is where we build the foundation for our lives.

All in all the month of May will be forcing us to isolate and get working on making the changes we need to live our best life. The Full Moon in Scorpio and North/South Node shift from Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius will give us bursts energy to aid us in creating a new life that will stick.

Nodal Shifts

The North/South Node has shifted from Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius. That means that the focus is no longer on themes surrounding family and career. We are being pushed to now focus on our spirituality/beliefs and communication. Expect to grow in areas of self-expression. 


Anytime there is a retrograde expect the past to be revisited. Each retrograde is helping us progress in different areas of life, it's reviewing all the lessons learned under the transit so that it can heal and move on. Think of retrogrades as tying up loose ends.

Saturn Retrograde and Jupiter Retrograde happens on the same day. May 10th depending on your time zone. Saturn, our karmic teacher, is reviewing all lessons we were forced to learn. Saturn rules Capricorn, so much Capricorn energy will be felt. Lessons learned at this time will more than likely be from situations we've already experienced. Luckily for us, we've been doing the work so that this retrograde will be cleansing and therapeutic. 

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is the planet of luck and expansion. During the retrograde expect to not get away with stuff as easily. Focus on doing things the right way to prevent unlucky occurances.

Venus, ruler of Taurus & Libra, deals with love and relationships & money with subtle hints of balance. The Venus retrograde we experienced May 12-13 will have us revisiting past relationships and financial plans. If you've been working on a form of income and it hasn't worked, use this Venus retrograde energy to go back to some old ideas and see if they'll work. Just because something doesn't work once doesn't mean it sucks. Sometimes you need divine timing. So, review different money matters you've tried and see if you strike gold. In regards to love, past lovers may reach out. You may even come in contact with your soul mate (soul tribe). When dealing with relationships be sure you're grounded so that you can notice which relationships to keep and which to move on from. If you experience complications with any relationships at this time practice communication.


-Good Luck

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