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Intuitive Energy Reading

March 2020

Happy Birthday Pisces | Aries!

The month of March is pretty active this year. We have Mercury retrograde going direct in Aquarius on the 10th, the Full Moon in Virgo, and the sgift into Aries season. The astrology is pushing us to pause for reflection before the sprint to the finish line. The theme for March is King of Swords energy. We've mastered how we communicate with ourselves and now possess an unshakable confidence. The things we've been though up to this point has made us strong, resourceful, and resilient. This is an energy we've never experienced before.

The lesson to be learned this month is the Hanged Man reversed energy. It's time we overcome trying to force outcomes. Up until now we've been successful in "creating, forcing, controlling" outcomes in our lives. The control we once had may have gotten us this far in life; however, it won't get you much further. Now, it's time to release old mental thoughts and behavioral patterns that no longer serve you. We are being asked by spirit to surrender and take notice of the subtle hints from the Universe, God, Higher Consciousness that it's time to pause. You are now in a different mental space than ever before and it's time to pause and feel what this new energy is about before getting down to business. If you insist on plunging forward, the universe has a way of slowing you down. The Mercury retrograde energy should have been the pause we needed to purge old feelings/beliefs and to get a new plan in order.

Advice for this month is the Ace of Cups energy. While we are paused, open your heart to the abundance of the universe. Now is a time to feel the abundance of love and creativity the universe is giving us. The Full Moon in Virgo is meant to replentish your heart and soul. It's the time where we'll have massive epiphanies and feel so much love. The inspiration you recieve while surrendering to the Universe will help push you forward. That's why it's important to surrender because the next steps in your journey, to your best life, comes from the whispers of the universe. If you're too "busy" either trying to force situations or in a negative mind space you'll miss it.

The 9 of Swords reversed energy is encouraging us to work past our fears and negative self talk. Stop criticizing yourself over everything. Stop worrying about all the things you've done in the past and quit dwelling on your past mistakes. Your pain and trauma was for you to learn necessary life skills which will help you fulfill your purpose. Constantly thinking about it will lead to anxiety and depression. The point is to relax. Relax your mind and focus on the abundance that the universe is giving you. In order to experience the life you really want, you'll have to be secure and trust yourself.

-Good Luck