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Instacart: A Mommy Lifesaver

Storytime: So I wake up like usual get dressed, get the kids dressed, give them their morning snacks, then proceed to go out on our nature walk. When we get back home my son, Ares, gets fussy. I feed him his baby cereal and then go to make him a consolation bottle for nap time. 

The horror! I was out of formula. How could I be so irresponsible? How could it slip my mommy mind? It's a huge deal because we only have one car and the nearest store is miles away. So here I am, mortified that I'm out of formula.

That's when it hit me. Instacart! I had a coupon in my junk mail because I never planned on using it. I would even scoff at those commercials "yea right". But like a Knight in Shining Armor there sits my Instacart coupon for $15 off.

I quickly sign up, positive thinking all the way. You know how when you try something new and there's always a catch? Well, I was hoping nothing like that happened. After signing up I search for the Enfamil formula I use and some Aquaphor (hey I needed Aquaphor too). Next I added my card information and Instacart qualified me for FREE Delivery! The best part was the formula was delivered in 1 hour. Just in time too because my son was about to loose his SHIT.

So I'm dubbing Instacart as a Mommy Lifesaver. Not all superheros wear capes! 

MOMS! Take advantage of their special offer and use my coupon code AAYERS2651AA for $10 off your FIRST order. Save yourself the hassle and time of grocery shopping.