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Identity Crisis

So have you had an identity crisis yet? No seriously. After becoming a mom did you go through an identity crisis? It's interesting. One minute you're free and fit and the next minute your body belongs to a "great grandma" not to mention you're ball and chained to your little one. The first few months leave little time to mentally get adjusted to the "New You". Everything you thought you knew goes completely out of the window and it feels like you know nothing. What about work? Do you feel the same going  back? I have the privilege of being my own boss but, what about those that physically GO back to work? What if you have another one back to back? All those hormones, the ups, the downs, the life changes can send anyone into a confused cycle of "Who am I?. Others without kids may never understand. Trying to explain concepts to people without children is like talking to a wall. They don't have kids so they don't know. At all. My best piece of advice is to FIND YOURSELF. The best way to do that is MORNING MEDITATION. Take time for yourself in the morning before everyone wakes up and meditate or journal or just RELAX! At least 30 minutes a day first thing in the morning take time for yourself. Waking up super early is hard at first but the benefits of doing it will be so beneficial for NOT LOSING YOURSELF. Try to squeeze in a shower and getting dressed too. If you get dressed before the kids are up you'll feel a lot more productive. So in closing make sure to take an hour or at the least 30 mins for yourself, get dressed, and meditate and you're bound to feel WHOLE again.