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Identity Mag

An online magazine with lifestyle meets culture entertainment.

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Latest reviews on the hottest music! Updated every Friday! Read more. 

Technology is great and all, but check out ways it affects child development. Read More.

Your first chakra, root chakra, is the most important on your body. It's the base, the foundation, and the core of your emotional and mental health.

Accomplish your goals in 2021 with these tips!

Whether you ended things, or whether they ended things ending a relationship is tough. 

A biography about hope, discovery of self, and spirituality. 

Read more.

Check out the BEST and WORST streaming services of 2020!

Find out why Car Shows are a growing trend among families.

Showing you guys a #cleanbeauty look! Special thanks to my NEW friends at RMS Beauty and #Influenster for sending me these products! Also, thank you for all of your support on my videos and!

Today, we're going to be washing my 4c #hair. Watch until the end for hairstyle ideas for natural hair and heat styled hair.

Take advantage of July's Luckiest Day to help you reach your goals. Read More.

We're tearing down old structures to rebuild the NEW! Read More.

Garlic fights against diseases, viruses, and has spiritual benefits too! Read More.

Special Guest Writer, Wayfarer Stargazer explains why the world needs weirdos like you to force it to change. Read More!

See what the month of July has in store and get advice on how to survive. Read More!

Try these tips for a more professional look on your social media. Read More!

The Black Experience in America. Read More!

Check out one of Noah Purifoy's most memorable creations. Watch Now!

Do you want to maximize earning potential and success? Find out how.

Take advantage of the energy to create the LUCK YOU need in your life. Read More.

Lots of manifestations and dreams coming true! Read More.

Judgment and endings of karmic cycles! Read More.

Manifesting your best life is very REAL and POSSIBLE. Read More.

When society is focused on negative headlines, it's hard to stay positive. Find out how to NOT get sucked in. Read More.

Take a look at an interview with creator, Ash Tonee. Read More.

Make these lifestyle changes to benefit the planet and your life. Read more.

The best "mom friendly" vacuum cleaner, you NEED to have. Read More.

Use the New Moon Energy to manifest your dream life! Read More.

Tips and tricks guaranteed to work every time! Read more. 

This is the sign you've been waiting for! Read more. 

We've all lost someone and it hurts. Read more. 

Anxiety is common. Read more. 

4 ideas to celebrate Mother's Day. Read more.

Check out what energy May has in store. Read more.

7 ways to improve your self-confidence. Read more.

Find out why dirty dishes are ruining your mental health. Read more.

Create your own disinfectant spray made out of NATURAL ingredients. Kills bacteria and viruses! Read more.

These hacks can minimize the stress of life during a pandemic. Read more.

Create your own face mask using a maxi pad. Read more.

April is about finding the balance between a new life and an old life. Read more.

Step by step advice for creating a second stream of income. Read more.

Dine - in at home with these ideas for a special night with your lover. Read more.

Read about the HUGE shifts taking place in the month of March. Read more.