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Hathor's Angels

Hathor's Angels is an organization dedicated to helping Pregnant Black Women get the quality prenatal & postpartum medical care they deserve! We have decided to develop an App, to be accessible to Pregnant Black women who would like help covering medical expenses associated with pregnancy: prenatal & postpartum! 

The fight doesn't stop there! Hathor's Angels is working to terminate systematic racism in healthcare. We are working to help pass laws that hold medical practitioners accountable for their unfair treatment of minority women, especially Black Women.

We appreciate the amount of support and ideas we've received in making, Hathor's Angels, an efficient organization!

App Development Timeline

SAT 06/13 

Pre-Design Phase

FRI 04/2/2021

Design Phase/Coding

Racism is fueling a national health crisis.


Why Is This Important?

This is an important issue because healthcare is the backbone of human life and there are KNOWN healthcare bias/racism against Black Women. Dr. Pragya Agarwal states, "While working on my book Sway: Unraveling Unconscious Bias, I have found numerous studies that show how people of color can face differential treatment by medical and healthcare professionals, and that unconscious bias can cause a lack of adequate and timely treatment." She adds, "There is plenty of evidence to show that race and ethnicity can affect the treatment a patient receives. For instance, race and sex have been shown to play a role in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases. Research from Nina Martin and Renee Montagne in 2017 showed that a black woman is 22 per cent more likely to die of heart disease than a white woman. Black women also have a higher mortality rate in childbirth even though there is no evidence that they are more likely to suffer from complications.

The most recent stats indicate that black women are 71 per cent more likely to suffer from cervical cancer-related death, and 243 per cent more likely to die of complications in pregnancy and childbirth."

Full Article Here

A Flawed Medical System

In an article, "What’s Killing America’s Black Infants?", Zoë Carpenter states, "Across the United States, black infants die at a rate that’s more than twice as high as that of white infants. The disparity is acute in a number of booming urban areas, from San Francisco—where black mothers are more than six times as likely to lose infants as white mothers—to Washington, DC. In the capital’s Ward 8, which is the poorest in the city and over 93 percent black, the infant-mortality rate is 10 times what it is in the affluent, predominantly white Ward 3."

Full Article Here

Study after study affirms that doctors treat their patients differently, depending on the patient's race. Minority patients get different diagnoses, different treatments, and are often subject to being stereotyped by their physicians. 

Watch Video Below!

Visuals of The King Tee & The Empress Tee coming soon!