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Hair Care

What's up moms? 

When do you tackle hair care for your family? I usually use Saturdays as Hair Care Day. That's when I detangled, deep clean, and do all the necessary "hair care stuff". I'm a huge fan of protective styling. Braiding styles and low tension buns are my go to everyday styles. That's why I like products with lots of moisture and deep cleaning.

One of my biggest time savers is using a deep cleaning shampoo packed with moisture. It's like a 2 in 1! The Carols Daughter Wash Day Delight shampoo has been THE BEST SHAMPOO hands down. The easy applicator tip makes washing my 2 year old daughter's hair a breeze. She has a 3 type curl pattern...and its thick! Using this shampoo for her hair has saved me a ton of time with the wash process. Watch me use the Carols Daughter Wash Day Delight shampoo on my Saturday Hair Care Day. (Double Tap the picture!) 

It's gentle formula made of Aloe has no silicones, sulfates, or parabens. It was gentle enough for my 1 year old son and left his hair soft and bouncy. 

I especially love Wash Day Delight shampoo for my 4c type hair. It's made for curly hair and provides the right amount of moisture. The detangling process goes by fast because the water to foam shampoo made my hair soapy without using friction. I know I said it's for curly hair but my husband has straight hair and uses the product everyday. His hair has definitely become more healthy since switching to this shampoo. It's definitely worth having on hand. 

Next is moisture! On my 1 year old son I use tea tree oil on his scalp for moisture. He has loose curls so the oil is the perfect consistency without over saturating his hair. My husband does it this way for his straight hair. Since my daughter's hair is thicker I use a cream then the tea tree oil. This moisturizes and seals the moisture in her curls. I also do this for myself.

Styling! When it comes to protective styles I'm all in. I alternate between box braids and buns as my styling methods. Check out one of my Hair Care For Toddlers Video (double tap picture) for styles I frequently use!

That's about it. This is how I manage my family's hair, without having to spend so much time!

video of my family using the product, 

double tap above picture to view

Double Tap above pictures for Toddler Hair Style Ideas