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Grief-How To Deal?

I've been there. You've been there. We've all been there. Losing someone is the worst pain. It's the ultimate heartbreak. We don't talk on this topic much in society. We're so pressured to "keep going, keep moving forward". What if you don't want to keep going and just need that pause to process life? That's perfectly fine. Check out these tips that helps with healing your heart.

Communicate / Express Your Emotions

Emotions can be viewed as energy in motion. Get it? E-motion. Energy in motion. Since energy cannot be destroyed, getting over the pain of losing someone never goes away. The way to heal from that pain is to let it flow. How? Communication. Pray, talk to someone, write in a journal, sing about it, rap about it, paint it, the ways of expression are endless. Pick a way to communicate your pain that's true to you and when those overwhelming feelings flood in, pour it into something. 

Try heart chakra meditation! Look them up on Youtube.

Rally Your Support Crew

You need people. At times like this, a sense of community helps the heart heal. Receiving love from others at a time when you're heartbroken is the best medicine. Having the wrong people around, though, can be toxic. Be sure that your close circle is full of positivity! 

Find A Way To Honor Them

One of the most rewarding feelings is keeping their legacy alive in some way. It can be something as big as a corporation or simple like developing a tradition in their honor.