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The Full Moon/Partial Eclipse will happen around 12:12pm (PST) or 2:12 (CST). Full Moons signifies completion; however, this Full Moon is special because it's a Partial Eclipse. A partial eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are not exactly in line with the Earth and the Moon only partially covers the Sun. This will be guiding us to stand our ground, claim our power, and allow the voice of our inner fire to speak. You'll be heavily relying on your intuition and spiritual guidance under this Sagittarius energy. This is also the first Sagittarius Eclipse we have had since 2010-2013, which also indicates the start of a new Eclipse and Karmic cycle. A Lunar Eclipse has ten times the potential of Full Moon, and often clears a path that helps accelerate our soul journey. This June Eclipse may also be stirring things in our relationships as Retrograde Venus is very active too. Venus rules our relationships and money! This closing of this cycle will unite us with our soul tribe/family. 

Sources: Biddy Tarot & Forever Conscience

10/10 Judgement Energy

The energy surrounding this Full Moon/Partial Eclipse is all about awakening and rebirth. The Judgement card is calling you to rise up and embrace a higher level of consciousness for the service of your Highest Good. You are experiencing a spiritual awakening and realizing that you are destined for so much more. This is your cosmic up-leveling! You hear the call and are ready to act. Tune in to a higher frequency. Let go of your old self and step into this newest version of who you really are. The 10 energy shows us that karmic cycles are coming to an end. 

The 10 energy shows up twice in the Judgment card emphasizing that this REALLY & TRULY is the ending of this particular karmic cycle you've been going through. Perhaps you've been learning the same lesson over and over every year; but, finally this year in 2020, everything has clicked which led you to pursuing your purpose with clarity. You may have even been doing lots of shadow work. Healing and working on your inner demons has been your main focus and this Full Moon / Partial Eclipse is the finale. You are now leveling up! Remember, under this energy lots of emotions are running high and with Mercury (God of Communication) in Cancer, we have to be on guard that we aren't impulsively acting purely on emotions. Balance making decisions with intuition and emotions. As we level up, expect to undergo tests. We will definitely be tested on our triggers!