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Entertaining Kids During Quarantine!

Oh boy, after nearly 3 months this is something I think I've perfected. Granted, I'm a stay-at-home / work-from-home mom and I'm pretty immune to restless little kids. Quarantine has taken it up a notch and our regular outdoor activities has been cancelled.

Take a look at some modifications I made to take the frustration out of being home all day with children.

Get A Schedule!

It doesn't have to be a boring "hour by hour" schedule. Just write down the basics of what you want to accomplish for the day with the kids, and go from there. Wake up earlier than they do, so you can PLAN the day and minimize headaches.

Bring The Park To You!

Tip: Add extra balls to make the ball pit even more fun!

The park was my GO TO. Now under quarantine, I haven't been in months! 

My husband and I decided to convert the play room into an indoor park. We purchased an indoor playground to be the "Main Event" for the indoor park. You can order one online appropriate for your kid's age. 

We then purchased a stationary horse, a seesaw, kiddie lunch table, and a television. Let your imagination soar when creating this indoor park because the MORE FUN, the better!

This will keep the kids entertained for hours and replaces the park.

Movies and Shows

Every Kid Enjoys!

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Outdoor Play!

Sometimes the indoor park doesn't keep them satisfied. That's when we take the party outside. 

Go on a patio, balcony, or backyard and play with chalk. Don't forget the bubbles!

Soak up some sun while unleashing creativity!

Arts & Crafts!

As a parent, I love arts & crafts. It captures the attention of little ones for hours.

Here are some GREAT craft ideas: 

1. Painting

2. Play Dough

3. Sticker Books

4. Making Instruments

5. Coloring & Drawing

6. Baking

7. Jewelry Making


Play Dates

Remember: Disinfect toys before and after a play date.

This is especially good for the "Only Child". It's human nature to crave association among peers. Follow safety protocols when planning a play date and keep it 1 or 2 children at a time.

This also gives YOU a time to interact with other adults.

Opt for a FUN lunch by ordering pizza or making it at home! 

Go For A Drive!

When all else fails, I take the kids for a drive. For more driving fun, create an upbeat playlist. 

Grab a snack while out, or pack one with you!