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Conscience Parenting?

I've been using the Calm App lately. See Why You Need The Calm App for more info about it. Anyways, there's this thought about conscience parenting that I heard about and it really got me thinking. 

Basically it's the idea that Parenting has nothing to do with your children and EVERYTHING to do with YOU AS A PARENT. That your children are here to teach you to raise yourself. It also talked about how when most people parent it's based off of the insecurities they experienced as a child and project onto their children. Ergo the whole, "my child Should be quiet, Should be well mannered, Should be still, Should be smart, Should be moral, Should be, Should be, Should be" rules we as parents, somehow, adopted as "'the norms". When unconsciously parenting, we take a perfect being then fill it up with our own fears, exceptions, ideals, rather than letting them develop their own awareness of life. 

I agree with a lot of what was mentioned. I definitely invite you to check it out and message me on Instagram @bossypradaboots your opinions. So, I've been integrating many concepts into my parenting with my children. It's been waaaay less stress parenting two children. I've been learning TONS about them too. Who knew that little beings express themselves VERY CLEARLY. Once you learn THEIR language, you realize that they say a lot. Children communicate out of actions. Words mean nothing to them. I guess that's why they're so intuitive. 

So that's my spill about Conscience Parenting.