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How To: Build Unshakable Confidence 

Self-Confidence is something we are born with; yet, society chips away at it piece by piece subconsciously. Find out how you can improve your self-confidence. 

Say Affirmations

Start your day off with 5-10 (really as many as you want) affirmations. Affirmations are "I am" phrases that empower you. For example, "I am powerful. I am smart. I am enough." 

Stop criticizing yourself! Anything negative should never be said about yourself. Even jokingly. The words you choose to describe yourself should always be empowering. 

Tip: Create a music playlist full of songs that make you feel inspired and listen to it in the morning while getting dressed for the day.

Be Hygienically Clean

Take regular showers or baths! Brush your teeth and wash your face everyday. A simple hygienic routine everyday improves your mental health and boosts your confidence. When you smell good, you feel good.

Hygiene not your favorite chore? Try listening to music while you do your morning hygiene routine. Switch up the products you use for an exciting change. 

Tip: 1) Opt for brands that are cruelty free. 2) Set an alarm to remind yourself of your evening hygiene routine.

Positive Thinking

Take the positive approach. You don't have to like every situation you experience in life. But, you can be positive about how you look at it. 

Whether it's life events or a physical flaw always find a way to make peace with it and find a way to deal.

Tip: Keep a gratitude journal. Write a few things you're grateful for every morning and night.

Quit Judging Others

A.k.a don't be a hater! You know what they say, "A a hatin' hoe ain't happy and a happy hoe ain't hatin'." Focus inward rather than on others. Passing judgement makes you feel more insecure inside. There is shimmer and shine in everyone; and, what one person sees as cool another may see it as odd. As humans, we are all different so it's best to be accepting of others. 

Tip: Don't surround yourself around haters. They are toxic af!

Learn & Grow

Elevate and grow. The goal is to consistently learn something new. You can learn a new language, a musical instrument, math problems, universal laws, and so much more! 

More importantly, learn about yourself. Get to know your triggers and the trauma surrounding them. Triggers aren't always something super deep, it's anything that makes you act a certain way to avoid pain. So deep thought and journaling would be a good start in learning about yourself. You wouldn't operate a new computer without first finding out how to use it, so, why would you operate in your body without finding out about yourself. The more in tuned you become with yourself the more you'll see how special you are. Learn healthy ways to deal with the heavy stuff (inner demons).

Tip: When you find yourself triggered with anger or sadness explore your feelings to find out WHY you're feeling this way. Once you've identified "why", dig deeper into the source of those feelings.

Set Healthy Boundaries

The people you hang around is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. Don't allow others to disrespect, belittle, or criticize you, even if they seem to come from a good place. Negativity should not be associated with your name whether it's from others or yourself.

In developing your confidence it's best to distance yourself from those that take away from your confidence. What makes you feel uncomfortable? Answer that, then set personal boundaries accordingly. 

Tip: You can set boundaries in a tactful way. If someone crosses a boundary calmly explain that they crossed a boundary, a person that truly loves you will honor your personal boundaries. 


Say what's on your mind. Learn to speak from the heart unapologetically. You don't always have to have the popular opinion. Listen to the instincts that pop in your head to speak. You have things to say so let them be heard.

Communication does not equal confrontation. Actually, confrontation occurs from lack of proper communication. Communication is getting your point across clearly. 

Tip: The best communication happens when you listen. The next time you interact with someone listen to what they are saying. Really hear them. You'll notice the conversation will naturally flow.