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Calm App - A Mommy Must Have

I've been using the Calm App lately. It's funny because when I first saw the commercial for it I scoffed at it like...yeah, right -_o . But in an attempt to balance all the noise and stressors out in my life I decided to give it a try. Let me just say. AMAZING!

I recommend this app to EVERYONE! It should be the when you buy a phone it comes pre-downloaded. The government should require a set amount of hours every week using this app. Now that I've sung my praises, let me go on to explain what changed my mind towards it.

So like I said, looking to balance the noise...blah blah blah. Fast forward to I downloaded it and started exploring it late at night while the family was asleep. Meditation sections..pretty cool. Kept scrolling. Masterclasses....hmm what's that? 7 days of Happiness...interesting. 7 days of Self Esteem....nice. Parenting....score! 

That's basically what sold me. So every night I began using this app, exploring all concepts of basically everything in life. Then I began rushing to it when I encountered certain situations that annoyed me or stressed me out. What I found was it has inspiration and advice for EVERYTHING!

I've been doing the Masterclasses for Parenting and I've notice a positive change in my children's behavior. My days are more ejoyable and I feel that I spend more time enjoying my children rather than saying "AHT AHT!" or "NO!'

So, definitely, try it out. It's totally worth giving it a try and spend a few minutes exploring the search option!