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Dealing With A Break-Up

Yes! We're going there. We're talking about break-ups. It's devastating, traumatic even. Take a look at ways you can heal.

The Beginning....

So, you ended it? Where are you mentally? Do you want to go back? Are you glad that you ended things, but still feel sad?

I've been there MULTIPLE times. My first advice is DON'T GO BACK. You ended things for a reason and before going back YOU need to explore those reasons. It's recommended to give it a year. (We'll get back to this later)

How do you heal? You have to cry it out bruh! I know, I know...who likes crying? I don't. I HATE it, but it's so therapeutic. You need that release. What makes you the most sad? Identify it. Journaling helps. Once you identify WHY you're so sad over the break-up, now you can heal. 

What does healing look like? All over the place. On day, minute, second you're up and then out of nowhere BOOM! depression. Because of this, it's recommended to give it a year after a break-up. The spiritual reason is because the moon (rules our emotions) travels through all 12 of the zodiac sign in a year, with Aries being the start and Pisces being the end. The different signs brings about a new awareness and perception, by the time the year is over, you should have a complete grip on the situation. If you still want to go back, go back. If you're for sure over it, then move on.

How to defeat loneliness?

You don't. You have to learn to sit in uncomfortable emotions and stop trying to run from them or distract  yourself. The uncomfortable emotions serve as your guide as to what's next. Lonely? Rather than take that emotion and jump into the dating world, you might want to start with meeting new friends. 

Starting of with making new friends or deepening your relationship with the ones you have will give your brain positive reinforcements. It lets YOU KNOW that you are loved and valuable. Meeting new people and starting a friendship helps you get used to opening your heart to others. 

After a break-up you may feel like a clam; like, you NEVER want to love anyone again. That's not healthy! It's also toxic. Being vulnerable is NOT a weakness, it's what's needed if you are going to have QUALITY relationships. I know it may be hard, especially if the last relationship left you wounded. However, there are so MANY other people in the world, so, why would you allow yourself to miss out on the abundance of healthy connections?

In Conclusion

Whether you ended things, or whether they ended things, remember to self-care. Really try to meditate and get to the root of YOUR ISSUES (even if you're innocent). When you do that, you'll notice that you attract less drama. Good luck!