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Mom's Guide for Birthdays!

Year 3 Birthdays!

A year later and the ever taxing question still plagues my mind. What are WE going to do for my daughter's birthday? If you've read the previous post about 1& 2 Year Birthdays, then you know that I'm a HUGE advocate of living within your means.

Here's what we did for my daughter's 3 Year Birthday:

1. Decor: We decorated the "party" room with tons of balloons!

2. Activity: During a pandemic (I refuse to have a physical party) we got creative. We purchased a bunch of arts & crafts projects that my daughter would enjoy doing.

3. Cake: This year we actually broke tradition and let our daughter bake HER OWN CAKE. For a 3 year old, this was a HUGE privilege that she LOVED! After the cake was baked and decorated, my husband and I added the candles to present as a birthday cake. Once she realized that she baked her OWN CAKE the way she wanted, she was even more thrilled!

4. HAVE FUN! Remember, birthday's are celebrations and they are meant to be enjoyable. Whatever you decide to do with your little one doesn't matter, it's the memories of joy you were able to share!

5. Gifts: This year, we had plenty of money to give gifts. We gave a gift that we secretly picked out and then took her to pick out her own gift later.

At 3 years old, children are way more independent. Build on that independence by allowing them to DO activities in celebrating their birthday. Although, it breaks tradition, they really enjoy calling the shots for THEIR special day!

Watch How We Celebrated Our Daughter's 2nd Birthday!

Years 1 & 2 Birthdays!

In my household it was my NOW 2 year old's birthday. It's always such and exciting time as a parent to see your child grow up. The main thing we want to do is make it extra special and better than we've ever had it.

What are you to do when you're low on cash but still want to give them an exciting Birthday? My biggest tip will be to LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS. Don't throw an extravagant party if you can't afford it. An alternative is to try a destination Birthday. For my daughter we took her to the Children's Museum. For $12 dollars we gave her the birthday of her dreams. There are plenty of affordable outings you can take your little one for their birthday. It's just a matter of knowing which one will interest your child. If all else fails and you REALLY don't have any extra money, take them swimming and have a meet up at the local pool. When you get back home prepare their favorite meal to eat. Get them a cake, sing them their birthday song, and let them decide what's next, if you bought gifts do an unboxing. You can even try an "opposite day" birthday theme where you let them eat cake and ice cream for breakfast. Be creative! Children LOVE the unexpected.

When it comes to birthdays you set the tone. Your child isn't going to know anything except (maybe) that it's their birthday and they're doing all their favorite things. The point is to show how much you love your kid a day full of all of their favorite things is the PERFECT way to do that.