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Baby Proofing Ideas

You know what sucks? 

A toddler on the loose. A toddler that has figured out how to open the front door at 10pm and decides to walk out. That was my reality. I knew my daughter was intelligent, however, I underestimated how much RISK she's willing to take. So one night while I was out of the living room she decided to open the front door and walk out. My nerves were a wreck, not only was my front door wide open but now my toddler is MISSING! How long has she been gone? How did I let this happen? Where is she? Please let her be ok. All those thoughts circled my head as I'm outside looking for her. Luckily, she wasn't too far and I was able to get her home safely. That scenario made me become a FIRM believer in baby proofing. I bought all of my stuff from Walmart's, Safety First brand. I like them because they come with a decoy button for the Door Locks and Appliance Locks.

The basics of baby proofing are:

1. Appliance locks (on the refrigerator, closet doors, the oven)

2. Outlet covers (cover ALL open outlets in the home)

3. Front Door Locks (there is a lock for all types of front door handles)

4. Gates (I have one in the kid's room and the kitchen)

TIP: Mounting your TV is a practical Baby Proofing strategy. 

It only takes a split second for a toddler or baby to get into danger. It can happen to anyone, especially if your kid is highly intelligent and curious. Let's face it they are watching your every move and are waiting for the opportunity to try out what they see you doing. So be sure to cover the basics for baby proofing and protect your little ones even when you aren't looking.