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At Home Spa Day!

Being the best mom you can be begins with self-care. Here are some things you can do at home for under $20 to have the ultimate spa day.

Step 1. Lock down a sitter (husband, significant other, family, somebody). You're gonna need 2-5 hours of alone time.

Step 2. Purchase your stuff. You can find most of these items at Dollar Tree, if you're not opposed to spending more money, you can also get them at Target or Walmart. For the sake of spa-ing on a budget I'm going to reference Dollar Tree.

You'll need:

4 Candles 

Tea Tree Oil 

Olive Oil

Face Mask

Body Scrub

Epsom Salt

Toe and Finger Nail Polish

Rose Petals

Lavender Bubble Bath

small stool

Mani/Pedi Kit


2 Towels (for drying off and hair)



Step 3. Light your candles then start off with a full body soak by running your bath water. Add lavender bubble bath, rose petals, drops of tea tree oil, and a tablespoon of Epsom Salt. Once ready wash up with body scrub. Wash and condition your hair while soaking.

Step 4. Once done soaking apply your face mask and begin oiling your hair and body with Olive Oil (a little goes a long way).

Step 5. Wear your robe. Sit on the edge of your tub or a small stool and begin your manicure and pedicure. Relax while your hands dry so you can move on to step 6

Step 6. Remove your face mask.

Step 7. Grab your candles and head to a room where you can relax and pour yourself a glass of wine (or infused water, recipes on Pinterest). Either read a good book, meditate, or get lost in a the calming music.

There you have it. A relaxing self-care spa day on a budget. Repeat at least once every 2 weeks!

Spa Relaxing Music