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Intuitive Energy Reading

April 2020

Happy Birthday Taurus!

The energy for April is all about going with the flow. We have a Full Moon in Libra which brings intense emotions as we try to balance our life. The theme for this month is Temperance energy. It means it’s time to recover your flow and get your life back into order and balance. With so much chaos in the world, we may have found ourselves facing difficult situations. The Temeperance energy wants us to learn how to adapt and use those situations to create our ideal life.

The lesson we will be learning is The World energy. "All life's trials and tribulations are lessons and opportunities that allow you to grow and become a fully aware participant" in life. Life is forever changing, it's a cycle. Each cycle is meant to help you transform into the BEST version of yourself. The World card says nothing stays the same forever and endings mean new beginnings. It's best to surrender and allow yourself to go with the flow of this New Beginning. Look at where you are in life right now, and decide how to move forward towards living your best life!

The advice for living through April energy is 3 Of Pentacles energy. This means that now is the time to perfect your skills or craft. How do you do that? By investing your mind, body, and spirit into your skills and crafts. Hard work and focus. Do this and you will achieve great results! 

New Moon in Taurus

As we dive into Taurus season the energies are asking us to ground ourselves. Start laying your foundation and build upon that. For now, all necessary changes have been made. We have everything we need to live our best life. Now is the time to live it.

Pluto Retrograde 

On April 24-25 2020, Pluto the planet of transformation and rebirth will be going retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. We will be forced to revisit issues surrounding our "shadow self". A lot of these issues revisit patterns from October 2019 so meditate on what lessons you learned then and see how they can help you in today's situations. Because we now live a new life and are different from who we've been, these 6 months of retrograde are going to help us get grounded in this transformation. 

-Good Luck