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ABC MOUSE? Is it worth it?

So recently I purchased a membership with ABC mouse for my toddler. She's 2 years old. My goal was to give her more challenging content to learn and prep her for school. So we registered, I let her pick her avatar, and BOOM! We got started. We work on it for about an hour every other day.

I really like the content presented on ABC Mouse. I do feel like if you're using it for a toddler it helps with their education and use of computers or tablets. The biggest obstacle or challenge for my daughter was learning to use the computer. Once she got it down she was able to engage with the interactive lessons. I recommend it to parents as a way to home-school their toddler so that when they begin Pre-School they'll be well prepared and ahead of the curve. The lessons on ABC Mouse was also entertaining to where it held her attention for an hour, that's rare because my daughter never focuses on anything for longer than 20 minutes. A lot of the concepts she already knows but with ABC Mouse she is able to interact and show me what she knows. If you upgrade you can take advantage of the Assessments so that you can monitor your child's progress. I also like that the content encourages her to repeat after them which helps with her enunciation.

Price isn't bad. I mean, for the same price as a meal at a restaurant, you can give your child the best head start for school. You can even take advantage of their free trial to help you decide if it's worth it (which it totally is).

So, from mom to mom. I recommend ABC Mouse! Stay tuned to see our progress after one month.